Outreach & Impact

Standardization of non-financial accounting

Co-chair of the Eklipse Working Group on Biodiversity “How can environmental regulators support businesses to improve the outcomes of their operations for biodiversity, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises in the food and beverage sector in Europe?” (2018)

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Participation in the Natural Capital Toolkit development (2016)

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Participation in the development of the IIRC competency matrix (2015)

The accounting profession


Sustainability CFO: The CFO of the Future? (2018), report published by IMA

From Share Value to Shared Value: Exploring the Role of Accountants in Developing Integrated Reporting in Practice, report published by IMA/ACCA (2016)

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Sustainability CFO: The CFO of the Future? with Claire Garnier and Diane-Laure Arjaliès in Strategic Finance (2019)

Outils du reporting non-financier: Comment en faire un outil de mobilisation interne et externe ?, September 2017

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Contrôle de gestion environnemental, Une aide à la gestion des « externalités », January 2016

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Le contrôle de gestion environnemental in the DFCG training catalog (from 2015 to 2017)

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Participation in Conferences

Ordre des Experts Comptables (French Chartered Accountants) integrated reporting conference in September 2016

General public

Nuit des Chercheurs Toulouse 2017 : “Speed Searching” et “Bouche à Oreilles”

Changement climatique : où en sont les promesses des entreprises

The ConversationLa TribuneLeLanceur.fr

Red line, theme “Paris conference: giving green light to green” in December 2015

Research Community outreach

CSEAR Blog : Teaching Integrated Reporting: a French experiment

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CSEAR Blog : Social and Environmental Accounting for Consom’actors

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Institutional outreach

TBSearch blog

TBS Partners presentation : October 17th, 2016, presentation of environmental accounting

TBS Search : Article on integrated reporting in 2014