Research Community Activities


Broadbent and Laughlin Emerging Scholar Award 2016: Highly Commended 2016

Andese Accessit for Thesis Prize 2014

Highly Commended Award of the 2014 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards in the Interdisciplinary Accounting Research category

EMAN 2012 Best Paper Award

Chosen by EAA to represent PhD students at AFAANZ doctoral colloquium in 2012

ADERSE 2012 paper was one of the 12 papers awarded “best paper award”

ACCA/CSEAR bursary to attend the CSEAR Conference in St Andrews, UK in 2010/2011


Intangibles in Integrated Reports Worldwide, 29000 Euros, 1 year, from Autorités des Normes Comptables, with Carol Adams, coordinator of project

Research Intervention contract with Danone on SDGs key performance indicators, 41000 Euros (sole researcher)

Sustainability CFOS, 5000 USD from IMA, with D-L Arjaliès and C.Garnier, coordinator of project

ADEME financing of carbon accounting project (3 laboratories and 3 practitioners entity), 124 000 Euros in total, coordinator of project

Programme “new researchers” from the Idex University of Toulouse, 14 000 Euros (sole researcher)

ACCA/IMA Research Grant August 2013, 25,000 USD for research on Integrated Reporting with two researchers from Laval University, Québec and HEC Paris. Research entitled “From share value to shared value: Exploring the role of integrated reporting in accounting practices”. Practitioner Report published IMA/ACCA


HEC Montréal February 2017

ESC Amiens March 2013

Ecole de Comptabilité, Université Laval Québec January/February 2013


Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal 2016-current

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Sustainability, Accounting, Management and Policy Journal: Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy in France. Ongoing 2018

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Social and Environmental Accountability Journal: Environmental management accounting: the missing link to sustainability? Published January 2018

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Sustainability, Accounting, Management and Policy Journal: The Future of Carbon Accounting, Management and Policy. Deadline March 2018

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