Research Interests


My interests lie in Social and Environmental Accounting (SEA) – sustainability accounting or now “accounting for sustainable development” (Bebbington et al. 2017). I have studied mainly professions, practices and innovations that measure the environment, but I have new fields that focus on the social accounting side. I have started my research stream taking an angle of “studies of innovations” and SEA practices within organizations, and I am currently extending it to study people (professions).


I focus on qualitative methods, with a preference when I am able to conduct either non-participant or participant observation (or even intervention research). Whenever possible I extend my field studies over a long period to be able to look at processes. For example, I have been able to study the process of carbon accounting in an MNE over a three-year period, and was able to do more interviews two years later. I am currently conducting a field on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Key Performance Indicators that is spanning over 18 months.


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